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Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Review

Jacksonville, FL

This park is tough to review because there are so many of both pros and cons. The overall feel of the place is pretty cool. For a city park, we were super impressed when we arrived! Although you do drive past a sketchy looking strip club (bad vibes…) at the entrance, once you drive into the park you feel immersed in nature (kinda feels like a jungle!) and we personally felt safe the entire time. They have about 250 sites with full hookups, plus many more tent sites. There are palm trees everywhere providing decent privacy between sites, but you do have to be selective in which site you would like to get great privacy. They have placed sites in a lot of places around the park that are less than ideal. They have three bath-houses, a camp shop, and a large laundry shelter. You’re also within walking distance to a great beach which is dedicated to the city park. Not to mention there’s a small lake with picnic areas surrounding it, a kids water splash park, lots of biking and hiking trails, and you can drive into Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, and other cities for great restaurants or just to explore.

Campground road with sites surrounding

Our site from the road

Our site from inside the site

One place we loved was Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant in Atlantic Beach. It is a casual place right by the port where seafood is brought in which probably explains why all of it tasted so fresh and delicious. We went once for dinner and once for lunch!

Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant - Front of Restaurant

Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant - Rear of Restaurant

Caitlyn after eating a delicious lunch at Safe Harbor

Boat in the harbor


With the proximity to the beach, restaurants, grocery stores, and Atlantic Beach/Jacksonville, we gave Hanna Park 5 stars for location. We got strong Verizon and AT&T cell signal and had no problems connecting to the internet with our hot spots, giving it 4 out of 5 stars for connectivity (they lose 1 star for no wifi anywhere in the park). We loved that we could walk to the beach at sunset. This time of year, there were very few people on the beach which we loved. Despite the leash law, since there weren’t many people we let the dogs run with their e-collars. They LOVED this place!! It tired them out so well they would come back to the Airstream and sleep for hours. This gave us the freedom to explore while leaving them in the camper without crates.


I have to say overall the facilities were a con. Despite them having plenty of them, they were in poor shape and were in desperate need of some good cleaning and minor repairs. One of the bath-houses smelled like sewage and although it functioned was just plain nasty. The other two were decent but also needed a good cleaning and smelled funny. It seemed all they would do to clean is mop the floors and wipe the toilets off… over time that definitely does not suffice! They did have nice, new washers and dryers though so that was a plus. Although they were expensive at $2.25 per load.

I think we found the best campground surrounding Jacksonville in Hanna Park. We enjoyed our stay, but it was a shame to see such a gem of a place lack some TLC that would make it amazing!!

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