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How We Chose Our Camper

2016 Airstream 25FB Twin Bed Flying Cloud

Which Camper to Live In For a Year?

In Colfax, NC (right near Greensboro where I’m from) you can find the oldest Airstream dealer in the nation. It’s called Out Of Doors Mart, and next time we were in the area we paid them a visit and FELL IN LOVE! We walked through many different types of campers, but kept coming back to the rows of Airstreams. You could certainly get more for your money on these other travel trailers, so how could we justify an Airstream over one of those? We thought about this a good amount, but what sold us was seeing what we had already heard so much about - the build quality and the feeling you get being in an Airstream couldn’t be replicated for us! Not only was there more peace of mind with potential issues, we felt more connected to the outdoors and less like we were in a house. As we sat in the Airstreams, we couldn’t help but imagine the scenic areas we could boondock looking out the panoramic windows. They inspired us to live this lifestyle we were imagining! It was the perfect fit for us.

Out Of Doors Mart (Colfax, NC)

Caitlyn Looking at New Airstreams

Nick Looking at New Airstreams

So Airstream it is, now which one?

We toyed with the idea of buying a fixer upper and renovating it. But we quickly realized our limitations with Nick being 6’4’’. He’s already the kind of person who doesn’t like to be confined, so we knew he would have to overcome his distaste for small spaces in order for this to work out. So obviously, he needed a trailer he could stand comfortably in without bumping his head all the time. That’s something you compromise in an Airstream over some of the square-shaped trailers, but we decided we would try and make it work.

The height restriction limited us to 2015 or newer Airstreams. In 2015, Airstream started putting ducted air conditioning in their trailers, which meant that little white box that is typically on the ceiling was gone. This change gave us an extra few inches of head clearance! We had hoped to save money and get a trailer that was 5-10 years old, so this changed those plans a bit.

We headed back to Out Of Doors Mart to take a look at the different layouts. We didn’t want to go too big, because we didn't want to be too restricted by the length of our rig as to where we could go. The Sport and Bambis were just too small for us since we were planning to live in it full-time. The 23 and 25 footers are what it came down to, and if it were just us two I think we could make the 23 work. But knowing we’d have two high-energy bird dogs with us, we decided the 25er was the way to go. We also loved the layout!

Front Bed or Rear Bed?

One of our favorite things about Airstreams are their windows, so when deciding between the front bed (FB) and rear bed (RB), the choice was easy. The FB has two large windows in the living area which is where we’d be spending most of our time, while the RB has an extra window in the bathroom which we didn’t care about. So now we’ve decided on the Airstream 25FB. The trim level wasn’t hard for us, Flying Cloud was the way to go. It’s the most basic trim level and the least expensive. Since we were having to buy newer than we’d hoped, Flying Cloud it was.

So Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB (Front Bed). What else could there possible be to decide on? There are two bed configurations, twin or queen. We went with the twin because it adds more floor space and also the mattresses were long enough for Nick to lay down on without his feet hanging off. Although we would prefer to have a queen size so we can sleep in the same bed, it didn’t make sense to have a mattress Nick didn’t fit on and took up our floor space for the dogs or having people over.

So now we’re at a 2015-2017 Airstream Flying Cloud 25FB Twin. Shouldn’t be hard to find right? LOL. As I searched, I realized a million other people were looking for the same thing, and RVs have gotten more and more popular lately so demand is insane. If one popped up at a good price, it was spoken for within a day or two. We got close to thinking we would either have to delay our leaving or buy a brand new one (not ideal price-wise…). It was a good few months before we were finally the first to pounce on one listed reasonably and started negotiations to buy. Turns out it was in New Mexico, so it took us a while to coordinate the pickup, but now we’re rolling around the nation in Sadie the Airstream!

Dining Area

Twin Bed Section - Our Room!

Main Area Airstream

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