About Us

Meet the Stogners
Nick and Caitlyn Stogner Nick and Caitlyn


Nick is the dreamer of our duo. He’s the one who dreamt up this lifestyle (then almost backed out a few times when I (Caitlyn) started ACTUALLY planning it). Nick is a creative, entrepreneurial software engineer who is passionate about living the best life possible. Decision-making processes for him involve a huge amount of research and weighing of all the options (so it took us a while to nail down our plans for this lol). Oh, and shortly after he dreamt the work/travel deal up he took a personality test at work. Turns out his Myers-Briggs type is INTP - laughably (and appropriately) deemed the most likely to be ok with living “homeless.” He’s also the best dad to our two fur babies Baiden and Zed!


The master planner and coordinator of the trip, I'm the one who pulls the reins back on some of Nick’s visions and get us from point A to B with some semblance of a plan :) This means while Nick is researching and looking into options, I'm sweating bullets trying to get a decision to be made so I can get things checked off my lists. When Nick starts talking about building a tiny house instead of picking up the Airstream we’d settled on, I'm urging him to stick with the plan (and trying not to hyperventilate about the last minute change of direction). I do online marketing for small businesses, which Nick automates with his software skills. I'm also the crazy dog mom (and animal lover in general) who loves to play tennis, exercise, cook, and find new ways to keep the camper organized.

German Shorthaired Pointer - Zed Zed

Zed (aka “Z” or “Z Man”)

I’m pretty sure we could start an instagram for this guy named “Grumpy Dog.” Because every year, Z has become more and more of a grumpy old guy. He prefers to call it “regal” but whatever, he’s grumpy. We love him lots though, and he’s responsible for getting us outside much more than we would without him. His favorite pastimes are cuddling with his mom, looking out the window/door, whining, swimming, and running :)

German Shorthaired Pointer - Baiden Baiden

Baiden (aka “Little Man” or “B Man”)

B Man is Z’s annoying little brother. He’s the homebody who loves to cuddle and chew on his toy bones in the Airstream. When he’s outside, he can be found swimming for hours in whatever body of water is nearby or pouncing on or biting his brother. He also drinks wayyyy too much water for his own good. He still hasn’t realized the correlation between the amount he drinks and the amount he will need to pee directly afterwards - no endless water bowls for this guy! Gotta love this little goober :)

German Shorthaired Pointer Running On Beach Baiden and Zed at their happiest - running on a beach full speed!